• Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and conditions of the school

    1. Fees are payable termly in advance and no later than half term. After this time there will be a late payment charge of 10% added.

    2. Fees are based on a term as indicated on the main invoice.

    3. Term invoices will be provided at the end of each term for the following term. Please write students name on the back of cheques written out to Felicity Stewart. Use of internet banking must clearly state the students name as reference.

    4. Receipts will only be provided upon request and by submitting the tear off section of the invoice. Fees are subject to change and EFSD will notify you of any increase in fees.

    5. If a child cannot make any classes then no refund/alternative will be given. If a teacher is ill or needs to cancel a class for any unforeseen circumstance, then a suitable time that is agreeable both with the studios and the teacher will be arranged. If a child cannot attend the make up class then no refunds/alternatives can be offered.

    6. EFSD reserves the right to change the timetable without prior notice. However, we will endeavour to inform parents and carers of any changes as soon as possible.

    7. Half a term’s (i.e. 6 weeks) written notice to the Principal is required for any pupil wishing to discontinue any class or leave the school.  If the required notice is not received, the full payment of the pupil’s fees for the following term will be due.

    8. An enrolment deposit of £20 will be taken to guarantee a child’s place. This will be returned once the child leaves the school as long as the correct ½ terms notice has been given.

    9. Should any pupil wish to discontinue any class or leave the school, refunds for any unused classes will not be given.

    10. Prior permission must be sought from any pupil wishing to participate in any external vocational classes, amateur or professional productions and festivals and competitions.

    11. Parents who book private lessons, whether for festivals, exams, or otherwise, must pay on the day for these classes when they are booked. A private lesson that is cancelled by the student will still be chargeable unless more than 24 hours notice is given or the lesson can be filled by another student. In the event that the teacher has to cancel a private lesson then an alternative date will be arranged

    12. Extra private lessons payments are due on the day that they are taken. Any fees that are over 14 days late will have a late 10% surcharge fee added on.

    13. Parents who have exam coaching lessons booked must pay for these with their exam entries. No refunds will be given if a student cannot attend a coaching lesson or dress rehearsal. In the event that the teacher has to cancel a private lesson then an alternative date will be arranged. Due to limited studio use, if a student cannot attend the rearranged lesson then no refunds/alternatives can be offered.

    14. Pupils are required to attend class wearing the correct uniform as of uniform detailed on the website.

    15. Please ensure that your child goes to the toilet before class and brings a bottle of water if desired into the studio.

    16. EFSD do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to property left on the premises.

    17. Fees for exams must be returned by the deadline on the form which is usually 6 weeks prior to the exams. The dress rehearsals usually takes place the weekend prior on the Saturday however this will be confirmed nearer the time.

    18. EFSD endeavour to ensure that your children are dancing in a safe and comfortable environment. We ask you to bring and collect your child promptly and provide us with written details of changes in drop off/pick up arrangements, special medical needs etc.

    19. Please ensure that EFSD receives any changes to pupil’s contact details in writing.  All details will be held in strict confidentiality (Data Protection Act 1998) and will not be passed on to outside parties except to the ISTD for children doing dancing exams.

    20. Parents/guardians are invited to watch classes during watch week, which is generally held at the end of each term.  EFSD reserves the right to cancel watching week. We do allow filming and photographs for your own personal use. These are not to be published on any social media. Please advise us if you would prefer for your child not to be filmed or photographed.

    21. Pupils will be asked to leave without notice for any serious breach of the school’s terms and conditions or for any other serious misconduct. In this circumstance no refunds will be given.

    22. The school does not discriminate on background, race or religion, regularly monitors staff to maintain school teaching policies and adheres to health and safety procedures to ensure that each child dances in a class appropriate to their level of development..

    23. From time to time it is necessary for the teachers to use physical contact when helping to improve pupils’ posture or assist in movements and to help avoid injuries. This includes physical contact between students i.e. holding hands.  Please advise us if you have any concerns with this.

    24. Medical Issues

    • All medical conditions must be advised to the EFSD prior to the start of the placement and the necessary details must be noted on the registration form. The parent or guardian is responsible for the regular updating of any medical change.

    • Please inform the teacher of any injuries before class.

    • Any child that requires medication to be taken in to the dance class must have it clearly marked with the child’s name and a parental contact details. Please hand the medication to a member of staff.

    • In the unlikely event of your child having a serious accident, the parent agrees to emergency first aid to be administered by our teachers.

    25. From time to time the School may use photographs or video for promotional purposes. This can be through various media, social media and the website. Please advise us if you do not wish your child to be used in such promotions.

    26. The School would prefer that any pupil aged under 7 has a parent, guardian or carer on site during lessons in case of problems. The School’s teachers are not able to take young children to the toilet for safeguarding reasons. Therefore, if you have a young child who requires help going to the toilet we would ask you to remain in our waiting area to assist if required.

    27. By enrolling my son/daughter at the School, I confirm that I accept the above terms and conditions.